MANCHESTER, UK — Color choice has never been easier for HMG Paints’ distributors and customers thanks to the launch of the new ColourBase Colour Box. The new paint color identification tool presents over 2400 color chips, displayed in chromatic order within 20 fan decks. The ColourBase Colour Box is a multi-function tool: not only does each color have a chromatic code that identifies its position in the color sequence, but it also corresponds to a color existing on the market for reference.

HMG Paints’ Unit Lite Colourants and ColourBase have been key tools for the company and its nationwide distributor network for the last decade. Combined with the new ColourBase Colour Box, distributors can provide even more outstanding color choice across a number of HMG systems. The Manchester-based business has invested over £150,000 into the color box project, helping its distributor network add increased value and providing fast and easy color identification, ensuring the right color every time.

“Ever since 1930, HMG Paints have been obsessed with color. We still even have our first-ever color formulation book in the archives; we truly understand its importance to the customer. And the ColourBase Colour Box is a great new resource for our distributors and their customers,” said Danny Cleary, HMG Sales Director. “Being available in a carry case means that representatives can match out on site and have depots produce the color almost immediately across a number of HMG systems.”

The colours contained in the box, available in a counter top version or carry case, are sourced from a number of popular color systems, including RAL, British Standard, Commercial Vehicle Fleet Colours, Agricultural, Industrial, Afnor and more. Additionally, the box contains colors with chromatic continuity to ensure that distributors can find the perfect color for every customer. The ColourBase Colour Box has already been put to good use by a number of customers who are using HMG’s Acrythane 4G. Up and down the UK, vehicle fleets are using colors from the ColourBase Colour Box and seeing exceptional results using the high-gloss, high-solids acrylic polyurethane coating developed to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the commercial vehicle market.