MANCHESTER, UK — Manchester-based family business HMG Paints Ltd. announced the expansion of its Fence and Shed Paint range of colors for the summer of 2021. Available online and through distribution across the country, the new colors are already being utilized in gardens ahead of the next heat wave.

The newly launched colors can be viewed online at with swatches available to view in many HMG distribution outlets. Whether consumers like traditional timber colors, statement colors or light pastels, this color selection covers a myriad of popular shades. The Fence and Shed Paint offers a premium-quality, water-based, protective finish for use on rough sawn wood and can be used on fences, sheds, other garden areas and furniture.

HMG’s new innovative water-based MSH colorants have been used across the range and provide excellent color retention and weather fastness to ensure the color stays brighter for longer, as well as superior coverage meaning users get more value for their money.

“After a successful reception of the Fence and Shed Paint in 2020, we are delighted to be launching new shades for Summer 2021,” said Danny Cleary, Sales Director, HMG Paints Ltd.

“Over the past year we have seen a plethora of customers convert to HMG Paints’ Fence and Shed Paint after being tired of doing numerous coats with competitor products. Sales for HMG’s fence paints are on the upturn once again in the warmer weather and we are excited to be stocking the range including the new colors,” said Brian Green, Director of Topdec Decorating Supplies.

The Fence and Shed Paint can be applied by brush, roller or spray application. Features of the water-based coating include fast drying, low odor, and safe to use around plants and pets. HMG Fence and Shed Paint is available for purchase at and through HMG distributors.