MANCHESTER, UK — HMG Paints has introduced a range of military standard paint systems in direct response to the UK MODs introduction of Def Stan 80-225. The new standard, which was introduced towards the end of 2018 and replaces Def Stan 80-206, Def Stan 80-207, Def Stan 80-208 and Def Stan 80-209. The HMG products in this range are free from Chrome VI, meet low-VOC requirements, and are IRR and CARC resistant.

The Def Stan 80-225 system comprises of a choice of primers for ferrous and non-ferrous parts and an IRR- and CARC-resistant topcoat, which is available in an assortment of colors suitable for military vehicles and non-aircraft equipment.

 “The new products have been developed by the HMG Research and Development team to meet the new standards, and we’re looking forward to showcasing our coatings at DSEI 2019 in September,” said Alan Sharples, HMG Defence Sales Manager. “We’re proud to be bringing our range, which is made in the UK, to the defense industry to showcase emerging technologies, and develop cross-sector partnerships and international collaboration.”

Along with the new standard, HMG produce a wide range of approved high-quality coatings for practically every purpose for the defense industry. Made in the UK, HMG’s product range is suitable for equipment such as containers, trailers, vehicles, bridges and armor. HMG is known for its innovative approach to coatings that include corrosion-resistant primers, functional topcoats plus CARC and IRR materials approved to UK defense standards.