CHEVY CHASE, MD — The RadTech Young Professionals Committee announced that RadTech is the first nonprofit trade association to join as a member of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI). NAI honors, encourages and publicly recognizes academic inventors and innovators in all scientific disciplines. The move is the first response to a survey sent to RadTech members to identify young professionals and mentors within its community and important issues for young professionals.

RadTech has gained special access to a mentorship platform through its NAI membership. The association encourages all RadTech members to sign up as a mentor or mentee on the Global Academic Inventors Network (GAIN), using the e-mail associated with their RadTech membership or with their LinkedIn account.

RadTech members to should make sure to join the RadTech group to connect with other association members. They can also join groups with any affiliated universities or technologies. Through creating a profile, members can choose their additional fields of expertise, and link their calendars for the program to schedule mentoring sessions. The program automatically matches members who have signed up with mentees or mentors that can help with career development and more. Mentors can link their calendars for the mentees to schedule mentoring sessions according to mentors’ availability and preference.

This is a unique networking platform that will enable RadTech members to better connect within the association’s community and academia. Click here to join.