AVON, OH — Maroon Group, a North American distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients, announced a new distribution relationship with Dicalite Management Group (DMG), a global international industrial minerals company. Effective immediately, Maroon Group will be the exclusive distributor of DMG’s Microlite line of high-performance vermiculite-based flame-retardant dispersions and powder for the CASE market in the United States and Canada.

DMG’s innovative flame-retardant technologies, teamed with Maroon Group's technical sales team, exceptional customer service, formulary support, laboratory facilities and global sourcing capabilities, will provide differentiated value-added capabilities to customers through technical proficiency and formulation expertise across North America.

“Maroon Group is very excited to be partnering with Dicalite Management Group,” Thomas Papasso, Vice President, Principal Management, said. “Their high-performance vermiculite technology offers unique properties, such as flame retardancy and barrier performance. It is another example of how Maroon continues to bring novel technologies and solutions to our customers in the U.S. and Canada.”

“The Microlite product line features a highly sophisticated, synthesized delamination of vermiculite. This product has numerous benefits in the paints and coatings vertical where heat and fire resistance is desired. Additional benefits include oxygen and moisture barrier properties, which can be useful in many applications,” Eric Appelbaum, Director – Brand Engagement and Marketing, said. “We needed a partner that could achieve the technical exposure needed to further develop this product line across the North American marketplace. Partnering with the Maroon Group is a great way for DMG to realize the long-term growth objectives for Microlite.”