PITTSBURGH – PPG has introduced PPG ENVIROCRON™ HTE Max extreme corrosion polyester powder topcoat. Featuring high transfer efficiency in a single coat, the innovative solution protects large truck wheels and agricultural, heavy-duty and industrial equipment.

PPG Envirocron HTE Max coating delivers first-pass transfer efficiency rates of 85% or better and is designed for applications where ease, durability and performance on complex metal parts and surfaces are paramount. The coating offers up to three times the corrosion resistance of traditional single-coat powders without the higher labor costs and longer process times associated with primer/topcoat systems. The result is a balanced coating that offers better protection for parts and increased process efficiency.

“PPG Envirocron HTE Max coating also generates significantly less waste than traditional powder coatings due to its exceptional first-pass transfer efficiency rates, helping customers increase the sustainability of their operations and products,” said Jamie White, PPG TRUEFINISH® Segment Specialist. “It also offers excellent color and gloss retention, which helps parts look better and last longer.” 

To learn more, visit www.ppgtruefinish.com.