PITTSBURGH – PPG has launched PPG Flooring coatings, a comprehensive line of coating systems that include prime coats, base coats and topcoats and are tailored to provide optimum performance based on the specific work environment. Users can choose from four flooring coating systems – general purpose, wear resistant, chemical resistant and urethane cement – with additional customization options.

“Contractors and facility managers want to be confident that they are using a flooring product that will deliver optimum protection for their operating environment,” said Juanjo Ardid, PPG Vice President, Protective and Marine Coatings, U.S. and Canada. “PPG Flooring coating systems include products that are specifically engineered to work together and deliver benefits such as resistance to impact, abrasion and certain chemicals. Our goal with this new, expansive line was to make specification quicker and easier for flooring customers.”

All PPG flooring coating systems are designed for durability, ease of installation and VOCs. They are also optimized for specific end-use requirements, including the following.

General-Purpose Flooring: PPG’s two-coat system – a concrete epoxy primer and self-leveling epoxy basecoat – is the most economical of the new offerings. It is easy to apply and provides moderate chemical and abrasion resistance.

Wear-Resistant Flooring: For added durability and impact resistance required for high-traffic areas, PPG offers a wear-resistant urethane topcoat in addition to its general-purpose system of primer and basecoat.

Chemical-Resistant Flooring: An epoxy siloxane gloss or satin topcoat added to the general-purpose system provides a tight film barrier against a variety of oils, acids and chemicals.

Urethane Cement Flooring: PPG’s self-leveling urethane cement systems provide higher build levels versus traditional epoxy flooring systems for the most impact and chemical resistance. This includes occasional thermal shocks that range from minus 40 to 210 F.

For floors in industrial environments that present specific challenges, such as significant moisture issues or quick return-to-service requirements, PPG offers a moisture-mitigating primer and polyaspartic coatings that are engineered to work seamlessly with the PPG Flooring coating systems. A variety of decorative flake options are also available to add color and hide concrete imperfections.

Learn more at www.ppgpmc.com.