The SofTop™ comfort flooring systems from Sherwin-Williams combine the benefits of durability with environmentally friendly features and softness.

SofTop Comfort systems provide an aesthetically appealing, seamless, hard-wearing flooring finish that is soft, comfortable to walk on and noise-absorbing thanks to the formulation of two-component polyurethane resin-based technology.

The systems are now available across Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (EMEAI).

"Due to natural plant oils used in its formulation, our system is environmentally friendly and can be installed as an attractive long-term solution to become part of a building finish," said Jeremy Waterhouse, Flooring Product Manager, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine.

Designed for diverse applications where tough performance is required, SofTop comfort flooring offers solvent-free, medium viscosity, and is applied as two self-leveling layers with an initial membrane followed by a self-smoothing floor screed. Application is by trowel and spike roller, and slip-resistant finishes can be achieved by adding aggregates.

With exceptional hygienic and chemical resistance benefits, SofTop can be used in hospitals, schools, workshops, playgrounds, offices and exhibition areas with high footfall.

The SofTop range features three different systems for varying applications, from single application SofTop SL to SofTop Comfort SL, which consists of a flexible membrane with a polyurethane topping. Additionally, SofTop Comfort LM offers a thicker membrane for areas requiring extra bounce, such as sports flooring.

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