Being global is great, and so too having thousands of colors, textures and special effects in stock. But to a busy powder job coater, customers don’t just want what you’ve got: they want it now. And today, thanks to a new partnership between AkzoNobel and Prismatic Powders, they can have both, and in any quantity they want, big or small.

Customers can now order less than a single box of selected Interpon Ready-to-Ship (RTS) powders (there are nearly 500 to choose from) and have them shipped within three business days or faster. This not only helps coaters in supporting their existing customers, but also to take on new business when the need is more urgent.

The new partnership between Interpon and Prismatic combines the best of all worlds: Interpon is a global leader in quality powder coatings that are used in a variety of industry sectors and products, including radiators, light fittings, refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers. Prismatic has an e-commerce platform that is already widely respected and well proven in serving customers with fast and cost-effective shipping options.

The ability to order smaller quantities (the minimum order quantity is now as little as 0.9 kg) also helps to significantly reduce waste – and therefore cost – and support a more responsible sustainability agenda.

The result, as Jim Clark, Regional Marketing Manager of AkzoNobel in North America, explains, is a happy customer, and a non-stop production line. “Our products not only support a coater’s existing business but can help open new doors and start new conversations,” he says. “Getting products to your door, in the quantity that you need, and in the time that you need it, will help keep you and your customers happy and your production line rolling.”

Daniela Vlad, Managing Director of AkzoNobel’s Powder Coatings business, says the mission is simple: “We want to support coaters by being the biggest, the fastest and the best,” she adds. “It is further evidence of how AkzoNobel continues to find new ways of serving our customers in an increasingly competitive and fast-moving business environment.”

While standard delivery will be 1-3 days, the premium Fast Pass service will allow customers to receive products on the same day as their order. 

The service is now available to customers in the United States of America and Canada.

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