ROTTENBURG, Germany — Electrostatic powder coating specialist Wandel, Rottenburg, Germany, is using WAGNER technology for more efficient powder coating. While the company started out using manual powder coating, Wandel found that over the course of time customer requirements for surface quality increased and work pieces became more complex. Wandel required reliable coating systems that allowed flexibility when meeting different customer orders, and WAGNER provided the automated systems to address the new requirements.

Wandel already had experience using WAGNER guns and controls, and the company decided on automatic systems using the PrimaCube and SuperCube plastic booths to meet the requirements for speed and number of color changes, as well as coating quality. The automatic gap, height, and depth control records the work piece contours and optimizes the gun distances. This results in high application efficiency with minimized powder consumption. By using a robot, the degree of automation of the coating process can be increased in most cases so that manual coating is no longer necessary. However, the system has been designed in such a way that a re-coater can be used if necessary for particularly complex shapes. During color change, the injectors, powder hoses, and guns are automatically cleaned. The booth can be blown out quickly and easily.

PXS powder centers are used as the central powder supply and color change system. During color change, the operator is guided through the process on a touch screen. Short suction distances, fluidization with vibration, and integrated ultrasonic sieving allow an optimal powder preparation. The innovative injector technology from WAGNER meets the high quality demands of Wandel with its low-air feeding and high coating efficiency. The change of the long-life collector nozzle is possible in a few seconds and minimizes maintenance time.

By increasing automation in production with the coating systems and innovative injector technology from WAGNER, Wandel has positioned itself to meet the challenges of the future.

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