Window manufacturers can now make their production process more efficient and sustainable with a new instant drying solution from AkzoNobel. The company's RUBBOL 100% UV cured exterior range of Sikkens wood coatings is reportedly the first of its kind. By cutting out up to 16 hours of drying time, the coating system is able to save on production time and energy costs, while providing leading performance. Since the product range produces zero emissions and requires no mixing, it makes the production process more sustainable, another important factor for many of our large-scale customers.

"We know the benefits of transitioning to a UV production line have to add up because, while it's an exciting prospect for many of our customers, it also represents a big investment," said Simon Parker, Director of AkzoNobel's Industrial Coatings business. "Our 100% UV RUBBOL range now offers compelling cost savings to go along with the excellent performance. So, there's never been a better time to make the switch."

The coating system consists of a putty, primer and topcoat for wood window frames and a topcoat for PVC window applications. Despite fast-tracking the application process, the products continue to deliver on the high expectations of the Sikkens brand, offering very good adhesion, excellent durability and strong technical performance.

The new 100% UV RUBBOL range is part of AkzoNobel's global weathering program. With weathering test locations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, AkzoNobel is able to evaluate more than 200,000 samples in a variety of climate conditions and monitor their long-term durability.

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