Evonik's coating additives business line has added a new deaerator to its portfolio. Specially designed for radiation-cured wood coatings, the new deaerator, TEGO® Airex 923, is a highly compatible, 100%-active organic polymer that shows improved efficiency. With TEGO Airex 923, Evonik is adding an effective deaerator for radiation-curing of wood and furniture coatings.

TEGO Airex 923 breaks down foam fast and efficiently, preventing air inclusions and pinholes from forming. It can be used with multiple types of binders and many different ingredients. TEGO Airex 923 is suitable even for clear coats with highest demands on optical appearance. Foam in wood coatings can result in a loss in transparency and protection, and can also negatively impact overall optical appearance, haptic, and even production efficiency. TEGOAirex 923 solves these issues. The deaerator exhibits good flow behavior, making it easy to handle. Furthermore, it can be stored for a longer period of time and shows similarly high performance afterwards.

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