Evonik launched a new silica for coatings incorporating its SPHERILEX® technology. Spherical silica EXP 0002-1 is characterized by a particularly small particle size, and is suitable for architectural paints, as well as waterborne, deep-matte, and silk-gloss wood coatings. The silica helps extend the durability of a coating by improving its scratch and abrasion resistance. At the same time, the silica provides a matte or silk-gloss appearance to meet customers' aesthetic requirements.

This is made possible through EXP 0002-1’s particularly fine, spherical particles. By distributing mechanical forces, it helps coated wood surfaces maintain a uniform, matte appearance, while staying protected from scratches. Another characteristic of the silica is the product's handling and flexibility. As the silica only has a minimal impact on the viscosity of the formulation, it helps prevent undesirable foam stabilization, even at high filling grades.

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