Responding to the surging consumer trend for healthier homes and spaces, ECOS Paints, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly, VOC-free paints, stains and varnishes, has introduced Lisa Tharp Colors, a collaboration with award-winning designer, colorist and wellness expert Lisa Tharp. Featuring 60 exquisite colors presented in curated groups of neutrals and colors, this line not only gives customers many solutions for creating healthier homes, but also provides a simplified paint selection process. Lisa Tharp Colors are available through ECOS Paints that adorn the walls of the Louvre, Westminster Abbey, the Getty Museum, and offices of Etsy, Google and Microsoft.

“ECOS Paints produces premium-quality, handcrafted paints that recognize the health and wellbeing of our customers,” said Julian Crawford, CEO, ECOS Paints. “Lisa shares our commitment to create healthier interiors. This collection embodies her vision and provides the tools for all homeowners to achieve beautiful, designer-inspired results at home,” he added.

Lisa Tharp Colors’ distinct point of difference is that it offers several options to simplify the paint selection process:

  • Suggested Pairings: Every color has six carefully selected pairings to use as accent colors on trim, doors, ceilings and even floors, or to create harmonious flow across adjoining spaces.

  • Light Reflectivity Rating: Each color has a light reflectivity rating, from the darkest to the lightest, indicating how light the color will feel.

  • Temperature Rating: Each color has a temperature rating to help adjust to lighting conditions.

  • Arrangement of Neutrals: Neutrals are arranged by undertone, which helps simplify selection and avoid mistakes when pairing neutrals with colors.

  • Real Paint Wall Swatches: Consumers can order large, peel-and-stick wall swatches to get an accurate representation of how the color will look in their space and lighting conditions.

In partnering with ECOS Paints, Tharp drew upon prior health challenges that she traced back to toxic building materials in previous work environments. She has spent the past 15 years incorporating healthy building principles into her own design work, and her commitment to helping others create healthier homes is at the heart of this collaboration with ECOS Paints.

“I have been a fan of ECOS Paints since I first discovered the brand more than 10 years ago,” said Tharp. “I recommend ECOS to all my clients because of its health benefits and it’s especially valuable for families with young children or individuals with chemical sensitivities who can’t tolerate fumes associated with traditional paints.”

Boston-based Lisa Tharp Design creates interiors that inspire a well-lived life. Tharp is known for her emphasis on designs inspired by nature and that promote health and wellbeing. In 2019 her firm won the coveted Bulfinch Award for the complete renovation of a historic 19th-century home in Massachusetts.

Consumer demand for health-focused real estate and associated communities is on the rise globally. According to a report by the Global Wellness Institute, homes designed to improve people’s wellness now command up to 25% higher price premiums. Further, a survey by Eco Pulse reported that 66% of Millennials are concerned about indoor air quality. And the EPA notes that indoor pollutants can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels.