DANVERS, MA – Techkon USA, a provider of high-precision color measurement solutions for the global print and packaging communities, reported that Bollin Label Systems outfitted its production facility with Techkon SpectroDens devices as well as Ink Formulation Software, standardizing its color quality processes. Bollin Label Systems is a family-owned and trusted name in the label printing industry, nationwide, which has provided label solutions for over 50 years. The company is fully equipped to supply stock or custom-designed labels and can handle everything from brand consultation and conceptual label design to material selection and printing.

Patrick Kitz, Operations Manager at Bollin Label Systems, said, "Techkon provides reliable, high quality products at an affordable price. Their equipment is setup with the press operators in mind so they can easily carry out scan measurements and get back to printing as fast as possible."

The team at Bollin Label uses the SpectroDens to measure the ink densities on their process color jobs and ΔE and CIELab values on spot color jobs. If they see that their spot color is out of specification, and that changing the anilox roll to a different BCM/line screen does not get them closer, they use the Ink Formulation System to color correct their formula to get them back into specification without wasting any ink. Bollin Label Systems reports that the implementation of the Techkon hardware and software allows the company to provide consistent, repeatable color measurements from job to job.

Learn more about Techkon at https://techkonusa.com/.