BERLIN – Coatings manufacturer Beckers Group recently published its 2020 Sustainability Report showing the progress the company has made towards reaching the goals of its ambitious 2030 Sustainability Strategy, which was launched last year. The report is available as an interactive, multi-media microsite to ensure that the information it contains is easy to find and use. It can be accessed at and gives a comprehensive picture of last year’s activities.

The highlights in the three work streams include the following:

Products with Impact

  • Market introduction and line trials of new net-sustainable products
  • Further development of a rating scheme and indicator for the sustainability of coatings

People with Impact

  • Health and safety focus: work towards zero accident goal and additionally implementing strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Advancement of non-discrimination and gender diversity activities
  • Investments in people growth, feedback culture and leadership journey
  • Focus on children’s rights in our business environment

Operations with Impact

  • Signed new contracts for green electricity
  • Implementation of waste management initiatives on different sites
  • Significant increase of number of suppliers approved for their CSR approach and the launch of Beckers’ Sustainability Award for Suppliers with Impact
  • Showing climate progress and emissions tracking since 2011

Beckers Group’s CEO Christophe Sabas commented, “I am very proud of our 2020 Sustainability Report. Following a major redesign, the report offers the opportunity to explore many amazing initiatives. In 2020, we defined our sustainability framework, focusing on three pillars: People, Products and Operations. Despite COVID-19, we have made great progress in 2020 in all three areas. The Sustainability Report thus reflects our achievements on Beckers’ path to becoming the world’s most sustainable coatings company. We are on this journey together with our customers, our suppliers and all other stakeholders, and we all will benefit from the innovations it will deliver.”

The report makes Beckers’ commitment to sustainability transparent and underlines the company's ambition to become the world’s most sustainable coatings company. The report has been prepared in line with the globally recognized GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standard and serves as Communication on Progress for the United Nations Global Compact, of which Beckers is a signatory.

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