OBERENGSTRINGEN, Switzerland — Beck Automation AG announced the appointment of Raphael Schor as the company’s new CTO. Schor started on June 1, 2021, at which time he also became a member of the management team at Beck Automation AG.

Beck Automation AG reports that Schor has broad technical know-how from 14 years of engineering and leadership experience. Describing himself as a passionate engineer, Schor also has business knowledge and in-depth management experience.

In his position as CTO, Schor will not only manage the purchasing, engineering, assembling and R&D areas, but also advance the development of technical aspects of the corporate strategy. Furthermore, he is responsible for the development of new product technologies as well as ensuring the leading position of Beck Automation AG in the field of in-mold labeling (IML).

“We are very much looking forward to working with Raphael Schor. His extensive experience in engineering and management will help us to achieve our goals faster and more effectively,” said Nicolas Beck, CEO of Beck Automation AG.

The management of Beck Automation AG consists of: Nicolas Beck, CEO; Osman Brenoli, CFO; Nino Zehnder, CSO; Nando Spalinger, GM Portugal; and Raphael Schor, CTO.

Learn more about Beck Automation at www.beck-automation.com.