PARIS-LA DÉFENSE, France – Specialty chemical distributor Safic-Alcan recently announced the expansion of its distribution agreement with LABEMA in Portugal, Poland, South Africa, Czech Republic and Slovakia. A French company, LABEMA specializes in the formulation and manufacturing of flash rust inhibitors and liquid anticorrosion additives. In addition to the countries of Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine and Malaysia, the cooperation now covers Portugal, Poland, South Africa, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Apart from Germany (non-coatings applications only), the partnership in all other territories includes LABEMA’s full portfolio of proven anticorrosion additives suitable for various water-based systems (coatings, in-can protection for packaging, lubricants, coolant agents, temporary metal protection), under the EMADOX®, AB-RUST®, EMARUST® and VEGERUST® trademarks.

“Both SAFIC-ALCAN and LABEMA are sharing the same core-values. We trust their technical sales teams to develop our presence in these new territories. Their customers will of course benefit from our fully equipped laboratory,” said JPP Laronze, founder and CEO of LABEMA.

“LABEMA has a strong expertise in the formulation of inhibitors and evaluation of flash-rusting and corrosion phenomena. For several years, they have also been innovative by developing the VEGERUST range, replacing fossil based raw materials by renewable alternatives. Such specialty additives are particularly in line with our portfolio strategy and sustainability initiatives. There is, therefore, good reason to be excited by this expanded partnership and confident it can be more value to SAFIC-ALCAN customers,” added Jean-Marie Schmuck, Business Development Director Coatings & Construction at SAFIC-ALCAN.

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