BERKELEY, CA — Cypris Materials recently announced its partnership with BASF Corp. The partnership will focus on the development and applications of brilliant, paintable, structural color.

“Our partnership with BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, is an exciting opportunity to advance and showcase Cypris’ next generation color technology,” said Ryan Pearson, CEO of Cypris Materials. “Historically, structural color has been limited to small, expensive production runs of a few select colors — Cypris’ technology enables our customers to customize color on-site.”

Cypris, in tandem with BASF’s leading experts, has made game-changing improvements, and together continue to rapidly develop for our customers. BASF is uniquely positioned to commercialize disruptive technologies and is committed to working with companies at the leading edge of materials innovation.

“The high chroma, tuneability and accessible formulation makes this a leader and among the most exciting structural color platforms we have seen. It offers a new tool in engineering novel concepts that extend the aesthetic potential of coloration,” said Christopher Hewitt, Innovation Network Manager at BASF.

The benefits of this new partnership include: developing, producing and marketing innovative, next-generation sustainable color technologies; and collaboration to develop scalable formulations that enable field application.

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