STATHELLE, Norway — Norner recently announced that construction of its Polymer Exploration Centre has been completed, and the company will be moving to the new facility during the coming months. 

The new headquarters, the Polymer Exploration Centre, is situated on the riverfront in Porsgrunn, Norway. It is a modern international research and technology center for the plastics industry and will provide research services throughout the value chain. Facilities in the new center include laboratories for advanced testing of chemical and mechanical performance of polymers and composites; lab pilots for new process technology and catalyst evaluations; a wide variety of extreme polymer material performance testing; and a high-tech plastic processing, recycling, application and packaging center. Norner reports that the new facility will be a leading global center for research and development in the polymer, rubber and composites sectors.

“Our new premises will give our customers a bigger and better experience when they visit us. The labs and production areas are designed specifically for working with our clients, which we think will result in even greater innovation,” said, Kjetil Larsen, CEO.

The Polymer Exploration Centre is reportedly designed for the innovation of tomorrow’s sustainable polymer solutions. High-tech machinery, laboratory instruments and tools are combined with areas for discussions and collaboration. Norner provides research and development and technical services to various industry segments where innovative solutions of plastics and composites are requested. Learn more at