MATERIALS PARK, OH – ASM International recently announced an educational collaboration with global standards organization ASTM International. The objective of this course collaboration is to establish a joint hosting of educational courses between the two organizations. The initiative is an opportunity for each organization to work together to integrate, publish, market and collaborate on educational products to improve the value of each organization's content to their respective memberships and customers.

Educational products will include a variety of digital short courses, e-learning courses and in-person courses that help to meet the needs of the materials science community at large, including topics such as: additive manufacturing, corrosion, metallographic techniques, materials characterization and welding.

“I'm excited to be working with ASTM International to help bring each organization's area of expertise together for the betterment of our memberships and customers through both co-development of coursework as well mutual exchange of online courses to each other’s communities,” said Ryan Milosh, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

ASTM is yet another partner to join ASM International in a mutually beneficial collaboration that allows both societies to expand their educational reach. To learn more about this collaboration and other materials science community initiatives, visit or