COLUMBUS, OH — AERO Sustainable Material Technology announced that its satin-matte finishes are enhancing the newest Land Rover Defender — winner of the 2021 World Car Design of the Year at the Annual World Car Awards. AERO satin-matte finishes are one of a kind; composed of a unique surface structure that is inherently satin-matte by design, with no additives needed, enabling a lasting quality finish. Traditional, spray-application paints require additives to achieve a matte look, which risks staining and extensive maintenance. AERO enables motor vehicle companies like Jaguar Land Rover to deliver a lasting finish with ultra-durability and self-healing properties, while reducing its environmental impact.

The environmental impact of AERO paint film’s product life cycle is radically less damaging than traditional paint. Manufacturing and application of traditional paint requires significant energy and resources, while generating harmful pollutants, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and VOCs. Additionally, traditional assembly lines use large volumes of water—particularly during exterior decoration.

It is estimated that paint is likely responsible for up to 2.25 million tons of microplastic entering the ocean each year — that’s equivalent to 225 billion empty plastic bottles. AERO technology does not particulate, so will not contribute to increasing levels of ocean pollution. AERO finishes produce zero CO2, are free from VOCs, PVC, and solvents, while require zero water during manufacturing, application, and usage. Traditional paint is also far heavier than AERO, requiring more fuel usage, which therefore produces higher CO2 emissions still.

By generating lower application costs, while requiring little to no capital expenditure, AERO can accelerate throughput times and enable broader options in custom color and finish, including contrast roof and contrast bonnet options. For companies like Jaguar Land Rover, AERO enhances positioning as an aspirational brand, increases customizability, reduces cost, reduces environmental impact, and increases throughput for an optimum customer experience.