SAN JOSE, CA - Cepsa Química, Madrid, Spain, has launched a storefront on Knowde, the marketplace for ingredients, polymers and chemistry.

Research and development professionals, engineers and buyers can now use Knowde’s simple, one-click process to do the following: search, filter and collaborate with online experts; request samples and quotes; and purchase a wide range of Cepsa Química products, including phenol, acetone and solvents.

Cepsa Química will soon include on its storefront its new sustainable offering, a responsible and innovative solution that introduces renewable and recycled raw materials into the production of phenol. With this new range of products, marketed under the NextPhenol brand, the company takes a step towards strengthening its commitment to sustainable development, while helping customers meet their environmental goals.

“Our customers will be able to find our innovative and sustainable materials quickly and easily using our Knowde storefront, which will help them shorten development time and get their products to market faster,” said Jose María Solana, Commercial Director at Cepsa Química. “Knowde will also help us reach and engage new markets and open new business opportunities.”

Among its key features, Knowde has built powerful search capabilities that allow users to explore materials by chemistry, application, function, technical properties and more. Additionally, KnowdeConcierge™ offers users access to expert advice and insight on brand and product pages, and ensures prompt replies to inquiries.

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