MARKDORF, Germany — With the E-Line entry-level system, users can meet even higher demands on the quality and productivity of their powder coating. As extended variant E-Line Plus, the system can now be combined with different powder centers.

The compact E-Line offers an economical entry into automatic coating. The system can be used to coat pieces with a size of up to 2,000x800 mm (height x width) highly efficiently.

So far, the PXE powder center has been an integral part of the E-Line system. The entire unit with its powerful components can be intuitively controlled via a 7-inch touchscreen. This also includes the powder feeding from the fluid container or powder box, as well as the supply of the guns. Due to the very compact design and low investment costs, the PXE is the ideal entry-level solution.

For increased demands on coating quality and productivity, WAGNER now offers the E-Line Plus system variant. It offers the choice between two powder centers: PXE with a more powerful control system or the larger PXM with additional integrated fresh powder supply. With both powder centers, the system can be controlled and parameterized centrally via a 15.6" touchscreen. As an option, a second touchscreen can be mounted directly on the manual coater station, enabling even more efficient processes.

In order to also process more complex pieces with low manual coating effort, both powder centers have an optional height and depth control with a resolution in 32 zones. The control is based on the WICOS control platform and significantly expands the possible configuration space.

Regardless of the appropriate powder center, intelligent functions are integrated as standard in the E-Line. These include suction pipes arranged on both sides along the edge of the booth, which minimize the air flow in the coating zone and thus support more efficient powder application. With the Energy Efficiency Package (EEP), the system is reported to require up to 40% less energy than comparable systems, as a smaller motor is sufficient to generate the same extraction volume. The special geometry of the piping and cyclone significantly reduces pressure loss, minimizes the risk of powder deposits, and even increases recovery efficiency. EEP contributes to the reduction of operating costs.

Users now also have the option to directly access and document production parameters via a standardized MES interface. Alternatively, such data can also be processed for detailed productivity monitoring by connecting to the WAGNER information and management platform COATIFY.

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