SINGAPORE - AkzoNobel announced the launch of Dulux Promise, a program that promises the assurance of high-quality standards, in terms of color, finish and coverage, to consumers when they use Dulux water-based premium wall paints. The program offers a replacement to consumers for products under the Dulux Promise portfolio, if the three features of the program are not met when applied on a clean and complete dried wall and in accordance with the Dulux painting system.

Dulux Promise brings together commitment across three key features:

  • Perfect Color: The color of the paint will match the color as indicated on Dulux collaterals such as the fan decks and shade cards but do note color disparity that occurs due to base material (color may look different on certain materials or surfaces), shape, size and surface lighting are not covered under the program;
  • Uniform Finish: Paints purchased and applied in accordance with Dulux painting system will have an even finish with no patchiness once it dries up completely on a well-prepared and clean surface; and
  • Coverage Stated: The corresponding bucket of paint will yield the area coverage as stated in the company’s product label/information and product data sheet, however, some colors may need more than two coats to achieve the desired opacity.

"Interior design plays an increasingly important role in our lives today as more consumers value the aesthetics and quality of living and working spaces that they reside in. The three key features of perfect color, uniform finish, and coverage stated of the Dulux Promise program underpins AkzoNobel's quality assurance to our consumers and aims to raise industry standards in the decorative paint segment," said David Teng, Commercial Director SEAP at AkzoNobel Decorative Paints.

 The Dulux Promise program covers water-based premium wall paints such as Dulux Ambiance All, Dulux Wash & Wear, Dulux Pentalite, Dulux Weathershield and Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx.

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