LAS VEGAS — BAN-ZI North America LLC is set to introduce Sabi Killer PRO in the U.S. market following eight successful years in use abroad. BAN-ZI’s water-based, rust conversion coating was developed and is manufactured in Japan, where it satisfies strict environmental regulations. BAN-ZI North America reports that it exceeds all performance expectations, especially compared to its solvent-based competitors. 

Along with its minimal surface preparation, the paint impedes the production of rust from the root to prevent it from spreading. Performance testing of the coating at Elite Metal Finishing LLC, a NADCAP-accredited shop in Southern California, has been going on since June 11, 2021. It has currently exceeded over 7,500 hours in the Salt Spray Test (ASTM B117) and is still under observation.

According to BAN-ZI North America, Sabi Killer PRO has been successfully used and tested by the military, in airports and maritime applications, in water districts, shipping and logistics facilities, transportation facilities, the building and construction industry, on steel structures and storage tanks, and in pipes and pipelines,  

Until now, water-based rust “conversion” coatings have struggled to meet expectations for rust-resistance, certainly compared to solvent-based paints. When oil/solvent-based coatings are used over water-based paint, it can lead to problems like wrinkling and peeling. Sabi Killer PRO is compatible with most topcoats. It can be used over corrosion-inhibiting coatings to increase corrosion resistance and address the high-level of need in the existing U.S. infrastructure. 

Having VOCs at 34.8g/L, Sabi Killer PRO is a water-based coating with characteristics of both rust conversion, and rust prevention on corroded, and non-corroded surfaces serving as a primer paint with long lasting protection. 

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