AMSTERDAM — Acquaduro™2k polyurethane is the latest addition to Chemcraft’s wood coatings portfolio for industrial applications. The new polyurethane waterborne coating reportedly combines excellent water and chemical resistance with low levels of odor, VOCs and HAPs. 

Designed specifically for the cabinet, architectural millwork, furniture and refinish markets, Acquaduro reportedly provides superior water and chemical resistance and has high build and excellent feel and appearance.

Available as a clear or pigmented tintable system consisting of a topcoat, primer and hardener, Acquaduro is easy to apply, offers great sandability and has no recoat window. The clear topcoat (423-34XX) can be used with Chemcraft stains, while the pigmented product (228-34XX) has high solids and great hide that allows for ease of application.

“Acquaduro provides our distributors and their customers with a waterborne technology that not only outperforms Architectural Woodwork Institute waterborne testing, but also performs comparably to solvent borne products. It supports the need for a chemical resistant, durable, and sustainable coating for the custom woodworking and refinish markets,” said Ron Cooper, Segment Manager, Wood Coatings.

The product meets or exceeds industry standards, including Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association standards, while also providing good UV resistance and great flow and leveling. As a waterborne product, Acquaduro also helps to reduce air emissions and meets the relevant government regulations.   

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