The American Chemical Society (ACS) has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (CSES). With the increased focus on improving environmental health by identifying solutions to global challenges, the three-year MOU will facilitate joint activities and events focused on key themes associated with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Since 2019, CSES and ACS International Ltd — Publications Division have jointly designed and organized a series of events to facilitate and stimulate the exchange of research ideas and dialogues among top scientists on issues such as water pollution, carbon neutrality, low-carbon chemistry, microplastics, and health. Under the new MOU, ACS and CSES will collaborate on joint activities and events focused on key themes, including: raising awareness of and addressing the challenges associated with global environmental issues, promoting innovations to benefit global environmental goals, and facilitating the translation of research to practical solutions.

“ACS and CSES are renowned scientific societies that share an interest in identifying solutions to global environmental challenges, such as those enunciated in the UNSDGs,” said Thomas Connelly Jr., Ph.D., ACS chief executive officer. “The intent of the MOU is to advance science and innovation through international cooperation. Furthermore, both parties wish to realize research synergies and to solve environmental issues that affect all humankind. This MOU will frame our cooperation for years to come.”

Joint activities and events, such as symposia, round-table discussions, and workshops for society members, the broader scientific community, and the general public, will be held at each society’s conferences or other mutually agreed upon venues. Special attention will be given to chemical science solutions to environmental concerns, particularly those associated with selected UNSDGs.