AmCoat™ Rhino Shield® continued its upward trajectory into the second quarter of 2022. The 20-plus year division grew by 34% year over year. CEO Terence Andre said the company continues to add more dealers and customer demand remains high.

“The number of homes and commercial properties protected by Rhino Shield have significantly increased this year,” said Andre. “Two things are driving that — demand from consumers and significant growth in our dealer network.”

Jerold Hall, Rhino Shield vice president of sales and dealer development, is leading the drive to add new dealers across the United States. He said prospective new dealers are discovering the benefits of the Rhino Shield product for the consumer and for their business.

“For a very modest investment, you can own a high profit margin dealership with full support from an experienced national company,” said Hall. “A big plus is that there are no franchise fees. And Rhino Shield coatings are unique — which gives a dealer a leg up over traditional paint. And being able to offer a 25-year warranty on the product is a game changer that really appeals to the homeowner.”

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