WASHINGTON - The NPCA Architectural Coatings Model predicts real, although slowing, growth in architectural coatings in 2006. The housing market is cooling slightly, whereas the construction market is expected to remain steady in the non-residential sector. The 2006 prediction is attributed, according to the report, to the combined impact of slower growth in housing resale and new construction put in place.

The Architectural Coatings Model is featured in NPCA's publication, Industry Pulse, a quarterly newsletter that highlights and analyzes the key economic variables affecting the paint and coatings industry. The forward-looking model projects demand for architectural coatings several quarters ahead. The publication also digests selected economic indicators of specific interest to industry executives who are engaged in developing their sales and production plans, such as construction statistics and the paint raw-materials Producer Price Index.

For information on obtaining Industry Pulse, call NPCA's Allen Irish, 202/462.6272, ext. 246, or e-mail airish@paint.org.