Bespoke colors and expert technical advice from AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings have played a key role in bringing a 10th anniversary livery to life for Volotea, the airline of Europe's medium-sized cities. The livery uses a metallic color scheme as a symbol to reflect the next 10 years of the business. Color technicians from AkzoNobel worked closely with Volotea’s engineering and branding department and the paint team at MAAS Aviation to create three special effect colors and two solid colors that form the basis of the design.

The color gradient was achieved using five colors: Volotea Red, Tabasco Red, a Satin Beige, and two further metallic colors were created with reference to AkzoNobel’s Inspirational Color Elements card, and were delivered from start to finish within eight weeks. The design has been applied to one of Volotea’s A320 aircraft and features the name of one of the airline’s co-founders beneath the cockpit, Lazaro Ros.

AkzoNobel is also delivering coatings for Volotea as part of the entry into service repaint program for their newly introduced A320s. The coating system it uses is Airbus approved, and includes its Primer LV2114 and its Aerobase three-component base coat/clear coat system to provide uniform coverage and appearance in one coat application for most of the colors. For Volotea, Aerobase is being used with the specified polyurethane clear topcoat, Aviox Clearcoat UVR, to provide a durable, long lasting, protective, and decorative finish that exceeds typical OEM requirements for exterior aircraft performance.

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