PT Teko Tinting and Engineering—IM GROUP’s Southeast-Asian based tinting-solutions and R&D branch—has completed a major installation of an Inkmaker paint dispensing system at Mowilex’s factory in Serang, Indonesia. The installation of the Inkmaker Easypaint 10v+24v water-based dispensing system—designed for interior exterior and decorative paints including roof paints, water proofing, and wood staining—was the result of a tripartite collaboration involving leading-edge technology from IM GROUP’s; Inkmaker Turin, Inkmaker Shanghai, and PT Teko Tinting and Engineering.

Having designated 50% of its new 6-plus-hectare factory at Cikande as a green area, Mowilex—a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly practices since its inception in 1970—looked for a system that could achieve its eco-friendly goals:

“Due to the high-precision dosing of the Inkmaker Easypaint we no longer require unnecessary extra stock, and can therefore eliminate unnecessary waste as well as having a cleaner production site,” said Niko Safavi, CEO of PT Mowilex. 

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