RPM International Inc. issued its 2021 Sustainability Report: Building a Better World. Building a Better World is RPM’s ongoing commitment to building a sustainable future across three pillars: Our Products, Our People and Our Processes, with a strong foundation in governance. The report reviews RPM’s progress toward the three pillars and highlights the company’s sustainability goals and strategy.

Highlights include:

  • New 2025 sustainability goals.
  • A 2022 associate survey found 83% of respondents have favorable engagement and 88% are proud to be a part of RPM.
  • Issued first water stress analysis of all manufacturing locations.
  • Appointment of vice president–compliance and sustainability to lead sustainability efforts.
  • Expansion of associate training and educational opportunities that drive diversity and inclusion.
  • Formation of Building a Better World Oversight Committee.

Using 2021 data as a performance measurement base, RPM’s 2025 sustainability goals include:

  • Reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions from RPM facilities by 20% per ton of production.
  • Reduce energy consumed in RPM facilities by 10% per ton of production.
  • Reduce waste-to-landfill from RPM facilities by 10% per ton of production.
  • Increase recycling at RPM facilities by 20% per ton of production.
  • Identify and implement additional opportunities for water reuse and conservation.

In September 2021, RPM appointed Tracy D. Crandall to lead the company’s sustainability efforts. As vice president–compliance and sustainability and associate general counsel, Crandall is responsible for the company’s global sustainability and environmental, social and governance initiative–Building a Better World.

For more information, visit: https://www.rpminc.com/sustainability.