Smart Coatings invites the submission of abstracts for its annual Smart Coatings Symposium. The submission deadline is October 21, 2022. Smart materials continue to be an innovative area in research and technology. The annual Smart Coatings Symposium provides a global platform for leading scientists, technologists, and industry professionals to meet, interact, and share their groundbreaking achievements.

Abstracts are solicited in the following broad areas, although submissions that describe cutting-edge innovations across the broad field of smart materials' research and technology are encouraged.

Smart materials and coatings include:

  • Multi-functional materials
  • Stimuli responsive polymers and coatings
  • Sustainable materials and processes
  • Self-healing/shape-memory materials
  • Advanced coatings and nano-materials
  • Hybrid inorganic/organic materials
  • Superhydrophobic/hydrophilic materials
  • Bioactive polymers and coatings
  • Layered polymers and coatings
  • Self-assembling and LBL coatings
  • Molecular electronics, sensors, and photonics
  • Thermo/photochromic materials

Submit abstracts to: