Alberdingk Boley, with roots dating back to 1772, celebrates its 250th anniversary. Headquartered in Krefeld, Germany, the Alberdingk group has become an international manufacturer of environmentally friendly water-based resins and oils with an ever-growing presence in the United States.

In 1970, Alberdingk started production of water-based acrylic dispersions that marked the beginning of the evolution from an oil mill to a manufacturer of emulsions. Fifteen years later, the privately owned company started to produce water-based polyurethane dispersions to broaden its application portfolio. In 1994, Alberdingk Boley launched the first PUD based on renewable resources using its captively produced feedstocks to ensure highest product quality and performance.

Throughout the years, Alberdingk Boley has expanded its portfolio platform within the waterborne technology and today offers a wide range of polymers that assist its customers with their formulation tasks. The company also synergies between its captive technologies while focusing on superior product performance. Recognizing the need to directly serve the U.S. customer base, Alberdingk Boley, Inc. was founded in 2000, and later opened its production and technical service center in Greensboro, North Carolina. The company has been expanding and upgrading its manufacturing capabilities at the Greensboro site ever since. Several recent major milestones were completed, including the addition of another reactor train in 2020, followed by phase II of the capacity expansion project that included significant debottlenecking investments throughout 2022.

“Especially in these unprecedented times with ongoing supply issues and economic uncertainty, it is important for us as a company to give a clear message to our customers that Alberdingk Boley is a reliable partner with full commitment to its core business: we are a dedicated manufacturer of high-end waterborne resins that continually invests in its U.S. site, as well as in product innovations and trusted relationships.” said Thomas Baur, CEO of Alberdingk Boley, Inc.

“It is exciting to be acting as a medium-sized player that still offers a broad technology range – this combination enables us to partner with our customers, serve their global needs, and yet keep the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit that differentiated the company for 250 years.”

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