Hosokawa Alpine is expanding its portfolio with a newly developed, customer-oriented software. The aim of the software is to support customers in their operational processes by storing and analyzing machine and process data in real time. With the new software, the status and process data of several machines – even at different locations – can be monitored in real time. Users will find important machine information, such as current throughput, usage time, alarm messages, and long-term trends, displayed on the dashboard. Push notifications can be set up for triggered alarms or important process parameters, allowing the user to be informed via email in real time. 

The digital software solution manages the machine and process data via the Siemens Industrial Edge Management System (IEM). This allows new software functions to be installed automatically, securely, and remotely, as well as new analytical functions to be provided. The software is also the ideal solution when it comes to maintenance planning. The sensor, alarm and warning data as well as the maintenance tasks carried out are stored in the software and allow the maintenance history to be traced. 

For more information, visit: www.hosokawa-alpine.com.