We are Innovators in Composite Wax Technology

Many of Micro Powders’ most successful products are based on our innovative Composite Technology, where two or more materials are mixed, extruded, and then micronized. These unique powders bring improved performance, stability, and efficiency not possible by simply mixing two wax powders together. Most of these products have been approved and commercialized to replace PTFE based wax additives, often with superior performance.

Our “AL” additive series represents our most advanced composite products, where we combine waxes with hard, inert nanoalumina. These nanocomposite waxes provide unsurpassed scratch resistance while minimizing the safety, handling, and incorporation issues associated with nanomaterials.

Additionally, our ceramic composite waxes impart maximum abrasion resistance, and our graphene oxide nanocomposite powder can improve the corrosion resistance of powder coatings by up to 50% on both bare and treated steel.

We are Leaders in Sustainability and Quality

With the introduction of our NatureFine and NatureMatte® additives, Micro Powders gives formulators the option to use natural, biodegradable materials that also deliver outstanding performance. We have been awarded a Silver Medal rating by EcoVadis, the leading collaborative platform providing sustainability ratings and performance improvement tools for global supply chains, placing us among the top 25% of performers evaluated. Our quality system has been awarded worldwide recognition under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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