The ChemQuest Group has announced the dates for its PC Kitchen courses. Developed by Kevin Biller of ChemQuest Powder Coating Research, aka “Joe Powder,” courses are held in Columbus, Ohio. Introduction to Powder Coating Formulation will be held March 1-2, 2023. Providing attendees with the fundamentals of powder coating in a combined classroom and laboratory setting, this course covers topics such as nomenclature, resin chemistry, pigments, filler, and additives. Classroom lectures are punctuated by live, hands-on lab demos of the powder making, application, and curing processes. Expert lab personnel will also review the intricacies of the manufacturing process and common test methods used to characterize powders.

Advanced Powder Coating Formulation Techniques, which will take place May 9-10, 2023, is designed for experienced coating professionals who have a prior formulating background. This course provides attendees with the opportunity to learn about complex formulation techniques, including gloss reduction, hyper-durability, acrylics, low-temperature cure, chemical resistance, high hardness, clearcoats, and special effects. Like the introductory course, Advanced Powder Coating Formulation Techniques includes both lectures and hands-on laboratory demos, such as application to heat-sensitive substrates and alternate powder curing technologies like IR and UV.

“We have hosted several hundred students in our classes over the years. Many of them have shared positive feedback, letting us know how the courses have improved their knowledge and positively impacted their careers. We are excited to bring our first group in for 2023 in early March,” Biller said. 

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