Irfab Chemical Consultants, Brussels, Belgium, has studied the broader European Powder Coatings market, examining the changing market dynamics from various perspectives at this critical stage in its evolution. The study entitled, "Powder Coatings in Europe 2005/2006-2016 -- A New Dawn" also includes a general overview of the powder coatings markets in the Middle East and Africa. Powder coatings production in 2005 in all of Europe was around 440,000 tons and valued at more than EUR 1.5 billion.

In the mature West-European markets, where growth rates are now 2-4% per annum at most, powder coatings producers are starting to re-evaluate and adjust their strategies. For many, repositioning in the West is going hand-in-hand with expansion in the growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe and, for some, even further eastwards. With the divisions between regional zones becoming increasingly blurred, the study also includes an overview of the neighboring markets in the Middle East and Africa.

The 300-page study provides a strategic document for the powder coatings industry, with detailed data presented in a format that provides valuable tools for strategic decision-making. This updated and extended report, focusing on the dynamics of the powder coatings value chain, is relevant to corporate strategists, R&D, sales and marketing, and other industry leaders for making informed decisions on long-term planning.

The report is available in both hard copy and PDF format. Subscribers also have the opportunity to hold a half-day, face-to face discussion with the senior industry specialists involved in compiling this report.

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