LONDON – Information Research (IRL) has recently published a fourth edition of its report, The Market for Powder Coatings in Europe. This latest edition provides an insight into 10 Western European markets, as well as four major markets in Eastern Europe.
Epoxy/polyester hybrids account for 47 percent of the powder coatings market of the economies covered in this report, with pure polyesters accounting for the second-largest market share, 41 percent. Epoxies account for nine percent of the market share with polyurethane and acrylics accounting for two percent and one percent respectively.
The Western European market, which has been stable for some years now, is the most mature market globally, with a growth rate of 1.4 percent per annum. Italy remains the largest market in the region with production standing at over 100,000 tonnes per year.
In this region, the automotive sector is set to drive an increase in the use of clearcoats, but this is an opportunity that will be limited to countries with an automotive industry.
Hope is placed in UV-curable systems that offer durable, high-quality finishes that are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Refinement of powder coatings based on non-hybrid chemistry is also expected.
Consolidation and plant closures have left some Western European countries without powder coatings production, placing a greater emphasis on distribution. Consolidation in Eastern Europe has been more prevalent in recent years as the region is an attractive area for acquisitions. The Czech Republic, Poland and Russia have all seen powder coatings takeovers since 2006.
Eastern Europe has become the single most important driver for growth in the European region as a whole, and the market there looks set to grow at a rate seven times greater than that of Western Europe, at 10 percent per annum. The countries showing greatest potential are Russia and Turkey with growth rates over the next five years of 12 percent per annum and 10 percent per annum respectively.
Christopher Flanagan, Analyst at IRL and author of the report said, “With much of the Western European powder coatings market being mature and technology substitution generally reaching a saturation point, future growth in the market will come from Eastern European economies where investment and living standards are both rising. If Western European producers want to remain competitive against both Eastern Europe and Asia, they will need to continue to develop technologies and applications to stay ahead of the game.”
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