MÜNSTER, Germany - Honda Motor Europe and Glasurit GmbH, a BASF Coatings company, have committed themselves to five more years of intensive cooperation. "We are building on the excellent experience we have had in the past five years and are creating a solid foundation of mutual confidence for even more success in the future," explains Christoph Hansen, head of the Automotive Refinish/Commercial Transport Coatings Solutions strategic business unit of BASF Coatings AG.

The partners first signed the contract laying the foundation for the development of the Honda Body & Paint program in 1999. The program is now in place in 15 European countries. "In this program, Honda gets the full range of support that we are able to offer based on our many years of experience," states Hansen. This not only applies to the Japanese automaker's service and repair shops, but also to its after-sales organization. "With our innovative Glasurit products and our good position in the European market, we can help Honda to be even more successful here," promises Hansen. For more information, visit www.glasurit.com.