DETROIT - Huron Capital Partners L.L.C., a Detroit-based private equity firm, announced the launch of a partnership with industry executives Frederick A. Quinn and Carol E. Bramson with the objective of acquiring companies in the coatings, adhesives, polymers, and thermoplastics industries.

The partnership group's holding company, Quest Chemicals Holdings L.L.C., is "actively working with a number of well-positioned acquisition targets" and expects "to be very busy in the coming months," said Quinn, formerly CEO of K.J. Quinn Co. and president of the Pierce & Stevens subsidiary of Sovereign Specialty Chemicals. He said Quest Chemical Holdings over the next three years is seeking to acquire businesses that generate combined annual revenue of $200 million.

As a partner at Banc One Equity Capital, Bramson led the firm's investment in, and subsequent sale of, Sovereign Specialty Chemicals. In its acquisition, or growth, phase following its launch, Sovereign acquired K.J. Quinn and Pierce and Stevens.