Walnut Hill Paint Company Drives More Business Through Technology

Walnut Hill Paint Company, located in Dallas, is a second-generation paint company that has relied on its solid reputation for more than 36 years. The company carries seven major paint lines independently, which in this day is very unique. Customers ranging from high-end paint contractors and large developers to celebrity clients have trusted the Walnut Hill name as its company of choice for many years. However, the company knew that to stay competitive, it needed to strengthen its technology.

"Our business has relied for years on customer referrals," said Jerry Hibberd, Walnut Hill's store manager. "We realized that we needed a better system in place to serve clients with greater efficiency and accuracy." That's what led Walnut Hill to purchase X-Rite's MatchRite System, which includes a computer system, countertop spectrophotometer, label printer and software.

New Technology Benefits

Years ago, consumers chose their color from a limited selection of ready-mixed paints. Today, they have become accustomed to choosing any color they want - in-store tinting has enabled larger pallets of color choices, including as many as 2000 colors. For Walnut Hill, color matching has expanded its pallet even further, making a virtually limitless number of colors for its customers.

Color-matching systems are also compact, taking up less countertop space, and are sophisticated, yet simple to operate. Improvements in speed and accuracy make color matching a process that takes just a few minutes. It can also help control material and labor costs, and maximize return on investment per color match.

Since incorporating the MatchRite System two years ago, Walnut Hill has seen a steady increase in business, especially its contractor business, which often requires quick, accurate color matching. "The MatchRite System has been excellent for our business," Hibberd continues. "If a customer needs an exact color match today, we can do it. If they need the same match three months from now, we can do it. We are able to match multiple manufacturers' colors faster, with very little effort on our end. Our customers appreciate the speed and high level of service we deliver."

Return On Investment

Return on investment is on the minds of many paint companies today. Investments in new technology will not always show a return. "For us to justify the investment in a new technology, we would need to see a return in the period of a couple years," said Hibberd. "The MatchRite System paid for itself in as little as eight months." c

To learn more about X-Rite's MatchRite System, visit www.matchrite. com, or call 800/572.4626.

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