Great Lakes Chemical Corp. announced the launch of Anox(tm) 330, a high performance phenolic antioxidant for polyolefins and other plastics. The material is a new addition to the company's portfolio of hindered phenolic antioxidants. It is a long-term heat aging and processing stabilizer that demonstrates outstanding benefits when used in polyolefin and other plastic applications. Circle No. 133

3M Specialty Materials now offers Fluorad(tm) fluorosurfactants FC-4430 and FC-4432 as long-term replacements for its Fluorad(tm) FC-430 in the coatings industry. These new surfactants can outperform Fluorad FC-430. FC-4430 and FC-4432 are nonionic polymeric fluorochemical surfactant coating additives that provide low surface tension levels only achievable with fluorochemicals. In both water- and solventborne systems, Fluorad FC-4430 and FC-4432 fluorosurfactants can reduce surface tension values. Circle No. 134

NUBIOLA PIGMENTOS S.L. introduces ultramarine pigments with considerable improvements to their specifications. As part of this strategy, the company has been offering its ultramarine pigments with considerable improvements to their specifications to ensure a higher consistency between deliveries and regarding the standard product. Circle No. 135

Sartomer Co. has made available Poly bd(r) resins, functional liquid polymers used in preparing castable elastomers, adhesives, coatings, and other rubber-fabricated materials. They are especially suited to low-temperature applications; many elastomeric products derived from these resins have brittle points as low as -70¿C. Circle No. 136

Solutia offers Additol VXW 6386, an easily emulsifiable defoamer, developed especially for high-quality waterborne systems. The material can outperform conventional mineral oil-based defoamers, which can decrease desired surface properties such as gloss or orange peel resistance. When used to defoam forced-drying or stoving coatings systems, this additive makes it possible to achieve greater film thickness, while remaining blister-free. Circle No. 137