WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA -- ASTM International, the voluntary standards development organization, recently announced the launch of a new Internet-based system designed to initiate, develop and track draft standards and revisions before and during their balloting stage.

The process, named the Work Item Registration system, is accessible from the ASTM website and is designed to increase “openness and transparency” in the organization’s consensus standards-development process.

The system allows online review of information on whether ASTM is developing or revising a specific standard; provides keyword-search capabilities regarding new standards and revisions; allows site visitors to sign up for a free e-mail advisory service that provides notification of new work items in specific areas of interest; and supplies a committee’s jurisdiction for the item in question. The system also provides for improved access and involvement for ASTM members worldwide at every stage of the standards-development process, the organization said.

The Work Item Registration system is available at the ASTM website, located at www.astm.org. More information also is available from Barbara Schindler, phone 610/832.9603, e-mail bschindl@astm.org.

Separately, ASTM announced plans for the Jan. 1, 2004, launch of the Journal of ASTM International (JAI), an online publication that will offer articles on research findings and technical topics for the international scientific and engineering community. The journal’s range of topics will include materials performance and characterization; civil engineering and building materials; general methods and instrumentation; and others.

ASTM said the journal will contain qualifying, solicited and unsolicited technical papers and qualified papers presented at ASTM symposia and workshops.

Guidelines for submission of papers and publication criteria are available at the website located at www.astm.org/JAI, or by contacting Roberta Storer, phone 610/832.9637, e-mail restorer@astm.org; or Christina Painton, phone 610/832.9658; e-mail cpainton@astm.org.