WASHINGTON - The NPCA and its California Paint Council are "intensely engaged" in an effort to scale back the state of California's "Environmentally Preferable Products" Database initiative.

The association said the California Division of the State Architect is attempting to establish criteria for environmentally preferable products that manufacturers "will be unable to satisfy."

The database essentially creates environmentally preferable purchasing standards for building products involving state buildings or grade schools. Several standards have already been published, involving adhesives and sealants, with paint reported to be "next on the list - with little or no input from impacted industries," the NPCA said.

The standards focus on indoor air quality and are the result of recently passed California legislation that includes a provision requiring the State Architect to develop a website that contains lists of environmentally preferable and recycled products that may be used in the construction and modernization of school facilities. The NPCA said the legislation's intent never was for any sort of standard-setting, but was designed to encourage the implementation of recycling programs in schools. The sponsor of the legislation and other lawmakers are voicing complaints about how the measure is being implemented, the NPCA reported.

More information is available on the NPCA website, located at www.paint.org.