GARNERVILLE, N.Y. - Coventry Coatings Corp., Garnerville, N.Y., has acquired North American Technologies, a New Jersey-based manufacturer of industrial coatings and specialty finishes. Coventry Coatings said the acquisition marks a major move into industrial finishes for the company.

Coventry Coatings said it would continue to manufacture North American Technologies' product range, including drum enamels, baking enamels, epoxy coatings, waterborne metal primers and other specialty coatings, with production shifted to Coventry Coatings' facilities in Garnerville.

Coventry Coatings, which focuses primarily on automotive-refinish products, said the acquisition would significantly expand its product portfolio. "This acquisition broadens our scope, introducing us to entirely new market segments where the North American Technologies name is already well known and trusted," said Coventry Coatings President Bruce Sklak.

Coventry Coatings, founded in 1987, said it is one of the few remaining independent manufacturers of color automotive paints in the United States. Under its flagship brand Kirker Automotive Finishes, the company manufactures a variety of products for the automotive, fleet and equipment-refinish market. The company also manufactures protective coatings used on production equipment for various manufacturing processes, and specialty finishes for the CD, DVD and optical disc markets.