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Specialty Monomers
Jarchem Industries, Inc.
Company introduces a variety of acrylamide, acrylate and methacrylate monomers. These specialty monomers are ideal for high-end applications in inks, paints, adhesives, coatings and medical polymers. The monomers offer numerous benefits for products requiring low toxicity, strong adhesion to various substrates, water resistance, low-volume shrinkage, reduced viscosity and abrasion resistance. Visit

Fungicide for Wood-Preservative Sector
Troy Corporation
Polyphase HS32 is a broad-spectrum fungicide developed to combine long-term protection against a wide scope of wood-rotting and wood-staining organisms, as well as surface molds, with environmentally sound attributes and ease of use. The product can be used to enhance the effectiveness of wood preservatives and anti-blue stain products for primers and wood stains. Polyphase HS32 formulations are designed to meet the demands required for log walls, dormers, porches, decks, railings, gable ends, exterior trim, soffits, windows and doors. Call 973/443.4200.

Corrosion Inhibitor
HALOXâ 510 is a liquid corrosion inhibitor for high-gloss direct-to-metal (DTM) applications. The product's significant feature is that it does not affect gloss, allowing for high-gloss DTM topcoats with long-term corrosion protection. The product also prevents flash rusting, including that occurring at weld seams, without reducing the long-term corrosion protection. It can be incorporated in any stage of manufacture, and contains no heavy metals or nitrites. Visit

Pacer Corporation
Pacer R500 Feldspar improves performance for industrial coating applications using UV-curable resins, because it does not interfere with the curing (polymerization) process. The result is a harder, more abrasion- and chemically resistant surface. The product can be used in a variety of applications, including rebar protective coatings, specialty epoxy coatings, factory floor paints and sealants, anti-skid and anti-slip coatings, chemically resistant coatings, UV-cured coatings, high-abrasion-resistant aircraft coatings, and for ceramics and grinding media. Call 800/568.2492.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Hybridur 870 resin is a urethane-acrylic hybrid dispersion based on patented technology for use in one-component high-performance coatings. Product features include fast-dry capability, superior weatherability, good hardness and toughness balance, superior chemical resistance, and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. The resin cures by air dry, or low- or high-bake heating, and blending this material will upgrade the performance of acrylic emulsions in coatings for primer, topcoat and clearcoat applications. Visit

Bismuth Vanadate
Bruchsaler Farbenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Company introduces its newest shade of bismuth vanadate, Brufasol AL-40. It is the company's reddest shade to date and is suited for high-performance paint, plastic and ink applications. It is especially targeted to those users who blend pigments via in-house mix systems and/or dispersion makers. The product is a chemically pure bismuth vanadate and will help customers eliminate more-expensive and less-stable organics from their formulations. In shade, it is redder than lemon chromes and approaches the medium-chrome color space. Call 866/815.8810.

Rheological Additive
Southern Clay Products
Claytone® 97 rheological additive is an extremely efficient organoclay that is particularly effective in highly polar applications containing solvents, such as ketones, esters, alcohols and glycols. The product improves sag resistance, syneresis and settling, while generating an aesthetically pleasing appearance and texture. Call 800/324.2891.

Epoxy Curing Agent
Epotuf 37-668 amidoamine epoxy curing agent offers superior performance over conventional amidoamine curatives. Attributes include outstanding chemical resistance, rapid thin film set down to 40 °F, improved film appearance and blush resistance, as well as better overall weathering. The product is ideal for industrial applications, such as industrial maintenance, concrete surfacers and sealers, DTM coatings, primers, chemical-resistant industrial flooring, and grouts and mortars. Call 800/431.1920.

Copolymer Latex
Company has announced the commercialization of its new high-performance specialty copolymer latex. Applications include industrial facilities that require chemical resistance, as well as broader applications such as garage floors, swimming pool decks and other areas susceptible to moisture. Call 330/734.1223.

Epoxy Curing Agent
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co.
The combined attributes of new amine, Gaskamine 240 epoxy hardener, offer a new level of performance for coatings and adhesives. Attributes include long pot life, fast film drying, excellent adhesion, and good solvent and chemical resistance. It can bring improvements to a variety of applications, including high-gloss topcoats, self-leveling flooring, adhesives, and anti-corrosive and high-build coatings. Properties include a low viscosity of 66 (mPa•s/25 °C) that allows formulating low-cost systems based on high filler levels. Call 212/752.4620, ext. 104.

Diol Products
INVISTA Specialty Intermediates
Company introduces two unique 12-carbon diol products, C12™ CD (a cyclic 12-carbon diol) and C12 LD (a linear 12-carbon diol). These products have applications in lubricants, polyurethanes, organic-based printing inks, coatings, adhesives, polymer chain extenders and fragrance chemicals. The addition of C12 CD (cyclododecanediol isomer mixture) to polyester polyol formulations can improve hydrolytic stability, reduce crystallinity and improve flexibility. C12 LD (1,12-dodecanediol) can impart increased flexibility, better hydrophobicity and lead to increased hydrolytic stability in polyurethanes. For more information, visit

Latex Products
UCAR Emulsion Systems
UCAR™ Latex 657 offers superior, all-acrylic performance for interior applications. It provides outstanding washability and color retention on interior flats. NeoCAR™ Latex 2310 introduces new, high film-build technology for flat wall finishes, offering inherent film-build and excellent touch-up properties. NeoCAR Latex 2305 is the next generation of the original NeoCAR Latex 2300. It offers expanded performance in pigment binding and alkali resistance. The product is designed for creating exterior finishes for masonry substrates and can also be used in interior flats. UCAR Latex 301, developed in response to VOC regulations, is a high-solids vinyl acrylic technology that offers the formulator more flexibility in free water while offering excellent scrub resistance, color acceptance and touch-up. This latex provides superior performance across the VOC and PVC range. For further information, visit the website at

Branched Chain Polyol
Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd.
TOE-2000H is a branched chain polyol suitable for a rage of industrial applications. The polyol features a paraffin-like main chain and ethoxy group side chain. The structure offers significant performance and processing advantages, including good compatibility with solvents. Adhesion, particularly with plastics, is excellent. In addition, polyurethane polymer films using TOE-2000H exhibit enhanced transparency and volume resistivity. Call 212/319.5353.

Phosphate Ester Surfactants
Dexter Chemical L.L.C.
Strodex® LFK-70 and Strodex NB-20 phosphate ester surfactants are designed for use in low-VOC industrial and trade sales paint and coatings. Low-foaming LFK-70 acts as an auxiliary dispersant, enhances gloss, and improves color development and surface wetting. NB-20 is a new concept in phosphate ester technology because of its multi-faceted contribution to heat and freeze-thaw stability, color development and color stability in waterborne coatings. Visit

Black Pigment
EMPEROR® carbon black pigment is designed to provide superior jetness and color strength in waterborne and solventborne coatings. It also disperses very easily and provides excellent stability and weatherability. The material is particularly suitable for automotive basecoats. Visit