PITTSBURGH - PPG Industries Inc. announced the introduction of the "Optech" clearcoat, a one-component automotive clearcoat designed to offer enhanced mar and environmental etch resistance in automotive OEM applications. The coating also can allow the elimination of a primer used to install windshields, backlight and sidelight windows, the company said.

The clearcoat was developed over a six-year period and is currently being launched at two automaker facilities in North America, PPG said. The company said the high-solids formulation of the patented Optech technology enables the coating to bond with an adhesive to join the windshield, backlight and sidelight windows to vehicle bodies, eliminating the need for a urethane primer commonly used to ensure proper adhesion.

PPG also said it plans to accelerate the commercialization of its "CeramiClear" automotive clearcoat, which was introduced in August of last year following a three-year development program carried out in conjunction with a luxury-car company in Europe.

PPG calls CeramicClear the first automotive clearcoat to use nanoparticle technology, which is reported to enhance scratch, mar and acid-etch resistance. The technology creates a highly-crosslinked network at the coating surface to provide superior properties, the company said.

The company said it also has developed an aftermarket refinish clearcoat that provides approximately the same level of protection as the factory-applied CeramiClear.