CLEVELAND - ICI Paints announced a five-year agreement with Habitat for Humanity International to become the "national preferred provider" of paint to the organization, which builds homes for low-income people.

Under the agreement, ICI Paints will provide paint to all Habitat for Humanity affiliates in the United States at a discounted price, and will supply paint donations in 15 selected markets to supply all homebuilding projects in those areas with paint for one year. In addition, ICI Paints said it will sponsor the construction of one complete house in one of the 15 markets, with the company's senior management and other employees assisting Habitat for Humanity volunteers in building the home.

"Habitat for Humanity's mission to reward hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit fits well with our own," said Larry Porcellato, regional CEO of ICI Paints for North America. "ICI Paints has a unique opportunity to offer what it does best - manufacture high-quality paint - to provide one of the most important ingredients of any new house and make a tangible, meaningful contribution to Habitat's mission," Porcellato said.

Millard Fuller, founder and president of Habitat for Humanity, said the partnership with ICI Paints "is a great enhancement to our goal of building affordable, decent houses for those in need of adequate shelter."